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    The forest is a playground for both of us.
    We get our wood from here.
    We live here.
    Sustainable in every way.

    We get our wood from here.

    We try and source as many materials as possible from this area.
    We produce locally and serve our customers here in the region. Close proximity to, and personal relationships with, our suppliers mean flexibility and a high standard of quality.

    You cannot get any better quality than our solid wood, grown here in the mountains. The slow growth as a result of the climatic conditions, the careful selection of the materials and quality processing by our suppliers allows us to undertake top-drawer, unique projects.

    Regionalism is a major criterion for choice.


    We live here.

    We see it as a privilege to live and work in this unique region. We have our roots here, most of us have been here for generations.

    This creates connections and obligations too.
    We have a close affinity to the natural world – without this it would be impossible to be a carpenter.
    And it is our obligation to maintain this. It provides us with inspiration, recreation, our main raw material, wood.
    We work in the joinery with the most beautiful view – this is our motivation each and every day.

    Come by and see for yourself!

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    What does working in a joinery and in agriculture have in common? Passion, feeling and experience.
    It's what I live for.
    My values – can be applied everywhere
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    An interior fitting, hand-planed?
    This takes a feeling for the material, perseverance and expertise.
    This is how quality is created.
    This is what we do.

    An interior fitting, hand-planed?
    Why do we do that?

    Let's look at an example:
    You go to a restaurant, looking forward to the evening. You have outstanding food and wine, and the atmosphere is great. The evening seems almost perfect – however, something is not quite right; maybe the sauce was a bit too cold or the people on neighbouring table were just too loud.

    It is the same with your interior design – only it is not about dinner but about your home.


    We find the best material for you, put all our knowledge into planning and processing.
    It takes time to carry out unique projects.
    Above all, we are carpenters by passion – and we put our passion into every single piece of work.

    Sit back – with a nice glass of wine – and enjoy every single detail of your new interior design. Made by us.

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