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    49 years in the same job.
    4 generations of management.
    49 years of passion.
    Now a member of the cooperative.

    4 generations of management.

    The joinery in this place today could you tell a story or two.
    It was initially founded as a one-man business by Walter Reichenbach Snr back in 1951.
    Back then, quality mattered too.

    It expanded steadily – with happy customers, competent management and good employees.
    Walter Reichenbach and, after him, Toni Reichenbach ran the carpentry business and were synonymous with high quality carpentry for decades under the name Schreinerei Reichenbach and, since 2013, Room of Life AG.

    Toni Reichenbach, the long-time managing director of Room of Life AG, decided to pave the way to enable a younger generation
    to run the business. He continues to run Room of Life AG and has handed over the reins of the carpentry workshop at
    its current location to Room of Life GEN.


    Now a cooperative.

    In the summer of 2020, all the employees took over the existing joinery business as a cooperative. Every single one of them is integrated, involved and participates in the business.

    Room of Life can hold its own on the market with its cooperative principles, combining economic efficiency and sustainability into a harmonious whole.
    Carpentry has developed, changed and been perfected as a craft over time. Each and every one of us is a living embodiment of this craft and keeps apace with this development.


    We regard normality as standing still.

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    The best thing about my job?
    You can see the work.
    When you put it all together, you’ve got a unique piece every time.
    We can only do this together.
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    Why do I work here?
    We're a team – we work together.
    I'm part of the company.
    I'm a member of the cooperative.
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    I'm going to become a carpenter!
    I am learning a wide variety of work from scratch here.
    I am part of something bigger here.
    Have been from the beginning.

    Are you a carpenter?

    Would you like to be involved in the planning, production and assembly of unique furniture and interior fittings?
    Do you like working with solid wood?
    Have you done an apprenticeship as a carpenter?
    Do you enjoy working creatively with wood and finding innovative solutions? Do you appreciate working independently on fascinating projects?


    Would you like to become a member of the Room of Life carpentry cooperative?

    We work in the workshop with the most stunning view!
    We are a young, motivated team with a flat hierarchy, working as a cooperative.
    We offer regular working hours with above-average remuneration.

    We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


    Do you want to be a carpenter?

    Do you want to work with natural materials?
    Do you want to be creative and productive at the same time in your work?
    Do you want to learn a trade – from scratch?

    Then get in touch with us!


    Send us your short application by email to: office@schreinerei-roomoflife.ch

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Address and contact

Schreinerei Room of Life
Kirchstrasse 27
3782 Lauenen

+41 033 765 50 55

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